London Design Week 2013

By Georgie Lomax

Design Week 2013 was to be mine and Catherine’s first day out representing Curve. We jumped on the train to London, clinging onto our list of things to visit, one from Ben and the other from Jessie. As you can imagine Bens was very in-depth with very useful informative guides on it and Jessie’s simply said ‘Design Burger.’ Of course the first place we had to visit, was the home of the ‘Design Burger,’ only to get there to find they had none! Quickly, we ate our pulled pork sandwiches with sad faces and texts from the office in utter disgrace on the burger news we set of on our design travels.

As we walked out of the restaurant we both realised the challenge ahead ….. Starting at Harlequin we made our way around the four floors of amazing fabrics, furniture and wallpapers not forgetting the free brownies, champagne and sweets that were being passed around. I am led to believe that Colefax and Fowler had the best nibbles to hand; however I seemed to miss these. I was too busy looking at some amazing children’s wall paper with Winnie the Pooh on, which we couldn’t wait to get back to the studio and tell Sara all about.

We are also very excited about meeting a lovely gentleman at Philip Jefferies, he was showing us around his fantastic range of products but we fell in love with the amazing wall paper show below, watch this space Curve clients, it coming to a wall near you.


Ray of light ……

As we wandered around the shops, both Catherine and I being magpies spotted these beautiful lights from Illuminati. Who would not want these, I know I do!  It was also nice to see the 3 different finishes all hung together, with their contemporary but art deco feel. I can’t wait to specify these sometime soon and I have a culprit in mind!


Speaking of rays of light …..

I’m not sure what has happened to that thing in the sky called ‘sun’ but Manuel Canovas has got it spot on with this amazing fabric to put a bit of brightness into peoples lives at the moment. Targeting the African influences that are around at the moment we will be specifying this fabric to brighten the summer ahead, sprinkled as cushions over your sofa, or to make the most of that dreary window view hiding the miserable weather outside.


The day was quickly catching up on us and as we jumped into a chauffeur drive Landrover we were whisked up to Kings Road, where Catherine had to prise me away from the dip dye obsession I have in Designers Guild to visit yet more amazing show rooms such as  Poliform, Ralph Lauren, B&B Italia, and much, much more.

Our final place to visit was Liberty, the old building with loads of character, is a very inspirational place and with tired minds it was a great place to re-energise. Loaded with hundreds of bags from the design centre it was a little hairy wandering around the pottery department, but we had to, we spotted some Fishs Eddy layout cups and plates which are right up our street!


As we headed out of the shop we came across a mirror that I would imagine be Laurence Llewelyn Bowen’s kind of thing. A nice twist on a design centuries old! And yet more beautiful pottery and a kingdom of rugs which felt like we were in India not central London.

It was time, we waved goodbye to our little design trip to London, jumped on our train and bombarded the office with all of our  finds the day after and this is where you will find us hidden under mounds of samples sent to us, so thank you design week for an amazing event! 


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