Gelli Gynan Hall, Wales

A few weeks ago Curve were appointed to undertake an exciting job at the beautiful Gelli Gynan estate in North Wales. The property is currently for sale and the owners wished to furnish and dress some of the rooms to appeal to potential buyers … the major challenge being that the estate agent’s photographer was booked within two weeks time, so we had to move FAST!

Jessie rose to the challenge and we quickly visited some of our favourite suppliers to see which pieces of furniture we could purchase quickly. We then put together schemes, organised some decorating in key areas and got our super curtain makers on the case!

The style of the property being a combination of Georgian and Jacobean architecture the client requested that we source furniture in keeping with and to complement the different areas of the house.

The team took a few trips over the Wales for the install, and then made purchases the accessorise the rooms and get them ready for the shoot that took place on time with great results as you can see below.

We have found that when selling houses of this kind of value, a spend on the interior before photographing the property can really pay off. Curve are currently involved in a similar project in Sloane Square, London so we’ll look forward to bringing you the results soon.






Look out for more photos when we update our web portfolio in the Autumn.

You can find out more about the property here.

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