Meet the Designer: Jessie

Welcome to our brand new feature ‘Meet the Designer.’

It was Jessie’s idea to write a blog feature to introduce you to our design team in an informal way, so you can find out a little more about the fab team of people we have here at Curve. So, we asked her to go first …


How did you come to be working at Curve?

I chanced my arm .. walked in the doors of the Curve studio and explained why I should work here!

How would you describe your style?

Eclectic, vintage, alternative, unique, bold.

What is your dream interior design project?

A vintage style boutique bedroom, or maybe a nightclub, bar and party room!

What do you feel is your biggest achievement working at Curve?

Completion of a fab apartment project in St George’s Church, Castlefield.

And your favourite moment?

Going to Milan for design week.

What are your favourite products, brands and designers?

Zaha Hadid, Moroso, Penny Seume, Boco do Lobo.

What is your first choice of radio station in the studio?

6 Music!

What is your favourite building in Manchester?

Longford art deco cinema in Stretford

Aside Manchester, what is your favourite city?


Favourite after work cocktail?

Pina Colada

Thank you Jessie – Jess is currently involved in designing a show home for PH Properties’ beautiful new development in Mellor, the design of a city centre apartment Deansgate, Manchester, phase 2 of Gelli Gynan hall in Wales and the design of brand new premises for Purple Wifi in Ashton.

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