Meet the Designer:- Georgie

In the second part of our new feature, we introduce Georgie, who came to work with us at the beignning of 2013 and quickly established herself as part of the team – taking on the wonderful renovation of a property in Saddleworth which proved one of Curve’s favourite projects of last year. Georgie took her first trip to Milan this April and is currently working on a conversion of a Georgian hotel back into an amazing house in Lancashire, an apartment in Century Buildings, Manchester and the landscaping at Uppermill.


How did you come to be working at Curve?
I eyed Curve up when I was at Uni, but they didn’t have any positions at the time so a few years later I sent over my CV on the off chance they could squeeze a little one in. As luck had it they  had advertised for the position of a designer at the same time I sent over my CV. I went through the interview process and was lucky enough to get the job!

How would you describe your style?
I love geometric designs with 1950s influences through furniture etc. My projects have mainly been mixing the old and new which I love!

What is your dream interior design project?
Designing a bar and hotel in Ibiza, Spain!

What do you feel is your biggest achievement working at Curve?
The complete renovation of a Victorian cottage in Uppermill, Saddleworth. We ripped out the whole house top to bottom, moving walls and creating a space in the loft. I project managed the build and interior and now we are currently moving onto the garden, working alongside the landscape designer which is very exciting!!!

And your favourite moment?
Seeing how happy the clients were when they came back from America to their completed project at the Uppermill project.

What are your favourite products, brands and designers?
I love Dare Studio, Unto This Last (pictured), Rothschild and Bickers – their lights are a thing of beauty. My favourite designers are Tom Dixon, Thomas Heatherwick and of course Gaudi!


What is your first choice of radio station in the studio?
Radio 1, but I’m way down the hierachy with the choice of radio station he he!

What is your favourite building in Manchester?
Rylands Library. Love the old and new contrast.


Aside Manchester, what is your favourite city?
Barcelona, one day I will live there, I’m all for Curve Barcelona!

Favourite after work cocktail?
Mojito- fresh and minty! He he.

Thanks for your time Georgie, maybe as a treat we’ll let you have Radio 1 on for an hour!!

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