2015 Spring trend report .. The Colours

Take some inspiration from the first of Curve’s trend reports for 2015 and add some colour to your home this Spring.

By Gabriellla Braithwaite

Different shades of green can be lively at anytime of the day but I definitely think at this time of year they will bring a safe and calm atmosphere to the home. It brings quite a botanical feel to the room especially when paired with a shade of white. I think this trend shows that there is a shift from the hard graphic interiors to a soft more natural interior with a modern twist.

Farrow and Ball have shown this interior colour trend by using two different greens to complement each other and to give irregular staining and patterns that are seen within nature especially on leaves. They have also used different key pieces of furniture and accessories to complement and highlight these different colours.

GreenD greenC

Pale Pink / Lilac
Pink brings a soft elegance to a room; these certain shades make a room feel accessible, soft edged and pretty. This season is definitely aiming towards the pale pastel pink so that it makes the walls look almost nude. Using a contrasting pink colour on the woodwork will make the room feel lighter, by using shades of pink close to each other make it feel as though it is camouflaged beauty with not using harsh lines or a strong contrasting colour.

Again Farrow and Ball using two different paints on the wall that are so similar make this trend look clean cut by use it on either furniture for a more relaxed feel, or on the floor to complement the whimsical pastel palette on the walls and woodwork.

pinkE PinkF

Although we are craving lighter, paler tones in 2015, darker tones still remain best where natural light is lacking. By using darker tones it is creating darker, dramatic spaces but also is making other spaces seem and feel a lot lighter. The more earthier browns feels like a timeless colour and has a more artisan feel. These different types of colours may work best used as a feature on a skirting board and then using a slightly lighter colour on the wall, this will prevent a light line around the bottom of the room.

Using other colours such as blues and white on feature pieces of furniture will complement these colours perfectly and add some light to your interior.

brownA brownB

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