2015 Spring trend report .. The Patterns

The pattern trend this season it seems as though its runway to room interiors are now being influenced by the different spring fashion trends.
Style isn’t just for on the catwalk—the most well received colours and prints often find their way through the design world as well.


Carolina Herrera’s Spring 2015 collection perfectly combined traditional and modern style. Loose geometric lines are now starting to spread quickly through the interior world there are many different techniques that have been used across different interior but there have been a few interiors that have used hand-painted techniques, which really only requires a calming shade of paint and a little bit of imagination to create the perfect pattern for your interior.

blurred lines


Prints that are nostalgic of a Moroccan pattern have always been popular in both the fashion and interior design worlds. Patterns that are a mix of lighter tones, for example a light ivory, and a darker tone, such as a dark brown, would work perfectly with a lot of different interiors. The bold pattern can definitely bring contrasting elements in a room together perfectly.

Gabriella Braithwaite

2015 Spring trend report .. The Colours

Take some inspiration from the first of Curve’s trend reports for 2015 and add some colour to your home this Spring.

By Gabriellla Braithwaite

Different shades of green can be lively at anytime of the day but I definitely think at this time of year they will bring a safe and calm atmosphere to the home. It brings quite a botanical feel to the room especially when paired with a shade of white. I think this trend shows that there is a shift from the hard graphic interiors to a soft more natural interior with a modern twist.

Farrow and Ball have shown this interior colour trend by using two different greens to complement each other and to give irregular staining and patterns that are seen within nature especially on leaves. They have also used different key pieces of furniture and accessories to complement and highlight these different colours.

GreenD greenC

Pale Pink / Lilac
Pink brings a soft elegance to a room; these certain shades make a room feel accessible, soft edged and pretty. This season is definitely aiming towards the pale pastel pink so that it makes the walls look almost nude. Using a contrasting pink colour on the woodwork will make the room feel lighter, by using shades of pink close to each other make it feel as though it is camouflaged beauty with not using harsh lines or a strong contrasting colour.

Again Farrow and Ball using two different paints on the wall that are so similar make this trend look clean cut by use it on either furniture for a more relaxed feel, or on the floor to complement the whimsical pastel palette on the walls and woodwork.

pinkE PinkF

Although we are craving lighter, paler tones in 2015, darker tones still remain best where natural light is lacking. By using darker tones it is creating darker, dramatic spaces but also is making other spaces seem and feel a lot lighter. The more earthier browns feels like a timeless colour and has a more artisan feel. These different types of colours may work best used as a feature on a skirting board and then using a slightly lighter colour on the wall, this will prevent a light line around the bottom of the room.

Using other colours such as blues and white on feature pieces of furniture will complement these colours perfectly and add some light to your interior.

brownA brownB

Farrow and Ball new wallpaper collection launch

Laura & Catherine had a great visit to Farrow & Ball’s Manchester showroom last Thursday for the official launch of the new wallpaper collection.


Inspired by French fashion of the past, celebrating the enduring link between fashion and interior design.

A stand out installation was the chic ‘Tourbillon’ Wallpaper featured with ‘Dead Salmon’ picture rail, ‘Off Black’ skirting & stand out copper chair. Taken from the Ducharne studio which created designs for some of the most famous couture houses in France in the 1920’s and 1960’s. The paper is composed of segmented circles which blend to give a graphic look.


We loved the featured artwork by Jessica Owen, including this piece ‘Boat Masts & Morning Mist – Abersoch’

More information here .. http://www.northernscapes.co.uk/artist/jessica-owen


Thank you F&B for the inspiring installations, cocktails, canapes & goodie bag on what was a very wet & snowy evening!

You can find out more about the new collections here


Or contact Curve for more information.

Thank you Laura for reporting back!


Winter trends by Gabbie …

Big thanks to Gabbie for her hard work in putting together this article and sharing some of Curve’s favourite winter trends ….

I have been looking at different suppliers that we deal with have noticed different trends and have been researching what companies are thinking what the current trends are going to be during the winter months. So I have gathered together a few of my favourite items that I thought were fitting for the trends throughout winter.

1. Shades of Grey

Silvered branches, wisps of wood smoke and a frosty windowpane… this year’s ‘“neutrals” come in the form of a palette of winter-morning greys, as illustrated by the Designer Guild ‘Hetton’ Collection. Farrow and Ball has a divers paint collection where you would be able to complete this look for the winter one of the colors that I think stood out for me was Manor House Gray.

image001 image002

Hetton ‘Zinc’
Farrow and Ball – Manor House Gray

2. Midnight Blue

If you are looking for a richer colour scheme throughout winter look at midnight blues, Indigo and ink colours. Romo black have used these within their wallpapers and different fabrics. I especially love the Romo black Jackson Neptune wallpaper.


Romo Black – Jackson Neptune
‘Loriano’ – Crushed Plain Velvet
‘Midnight’ – Neptune

3. Cosy Knits

I have noticed that knitted accessories are getting bolder; with huge chunky cable-knits replacing demure weaves.  Loaf have variations of knitted accessories where there could be just a hint of knit with in the product or it be completely many up of different types of knitted techniques.
My favorites are Loaf’s hand-knit cable-knit “bug” pouffe in ash grey, rhino or raspberry.


Loaf – Bug Pouffe

4. Vintage Explorer

I have definitely noticed that the one accessory that seems to be cropping up quiet a bit in our and definitely other schemes at the moment is a vintage globe and maps. The interior world is starting to take the escaper inspiration for these certain products. With globes and vintages trunks making a few appearances I have also seen a hints of botany and entomology, in the form of plant drawings and butterfly motifs.
One of the products that are a prime example is the Picture Gallery ‘Voyage of Discovery’ Wallpaper. With this product I especially like the Yellow and charcoal pattern.





5. Keeping in Check

Touches of traditional tartan looks fitting within a town house and country house setting.
Touches of traditional tartan will look well in both of these settings. If you are not brave enough for Vivienne Westwood’s plum and forest green tartan wallpaper, Mulberry Home, Mulberry Wools can make a great throw or cushion covers. My personal favourite are mulberry wools in the pattern ‘Shetland Plaid’ in the colours teal and heather.

image011 image010

Mulberry Home – Mulberry Wools
Shetland Plaid – Teal
6.  Whimsy

For a touch of fun within your interior especially in a childrens room to break the winter gloom: my personal favourite are the balloon that Coachhouse are selling as a wall hanging.


7. Bolder Baths

There’s a new wave of attention-grabbing freestanding tubs especially in bold colors such as bronze and vivid blues. Devon & Devon has bronze and other bold metal baths and other bathroom products.



Gabbie’s view from the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

Early on Friday afternoon Laura and myself decided that we were going to visit the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester.

When we arrived we were greeted with the hustle and bustle of people showing enthusiasm towards different types of arts and crafts that were within the building.

As we were in the old Granada studios we first entered the old studio two which was the main exhibition area. This is where there were situated different types of sculptures, glasswork and film.

There was one particular glassmaker that interested me. There were a few different pieces that Bob Crooks had made which were very intriguing. Bob Crooks looks at the different ways in which you are able to exploit the many different properties of the materials he uses through the experimentation and technical understanding of his craft.


There were also many other interesting pieces, which were created by other talented artists such as Caroline Broadhead and Junko Mori, which had interesting ways in manipulating steel and other metals.

The other sections of the Craft fair were individual exhibitor stands that amazed me with the different details and intricate work that people were able to create with metal and other media. There was only really one stand that had furniture but there was many ways that the craft fair made up for this. There were a large amount of individual that did hand printing and surface pattern, which showed amazing up-coming talent. One individual particularly showcase this talent with the variety and detail within their work. Stephanie Lawton uses a range of different medias in which she has drawn elaborate detail and intricate patterns, which are qualities that she has tried to maintain throughout her practice. She also combines both hand drawn and digitally drawn elements to create a graphic and illustrative feel.


On another stand there was a product designer that seemed to specialise in different interior products. The collection that was on at the exhibition was called WIRED. Katie Askwith explained how she has a keen interest in ‘how things are made’ and wanted to expose the industrial construction techniques and drawing attention to the skills and materials normally gone unnoticed in their current product range.


As I have a personal love for different fabrics and embroidery. My favourite exhibition had to be Louise Gardiner. The way in which she combined the skills and artistry of embroidery with different fabric and texture was stunning. There were different pieces that were on the walls that had been also applied onto cushions and scarfs; one of the pieces that stood out to me was called ‘You blow me away.’


Within Louise Gardiner work she used the combination of exciting and intricate free machine embroidery with the passion of drawing. To create every individual piece there are many different techniques using rhythmic, repetitive drawing, intense and intricate stitches, paints, appliqué and inks. Louise explained that every piece of work is unique and labor-intensive, intuitive and spontaneous. These original and energetic embroideries celebrate the rich and colorful medium of thread and illustrate her lust for life.


There were many other artists that had beautiful exhibits that I would love to talk about but this blog would go on forever. There were definitely some very talented individuals that showcase their different skills that were incredible and would make you want to buy a lot of what they were showing. I definitely think going to the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair gave me an insight into the up-coming talent within different areas of craft, which I hope will be promoted so that their talent shown to other people. This experience has definitely given me few ideas and people to look out for within the future.


Curve in Milan April 2014

It’s hard to believe that it’s April again, and that means our annual jaunt to Italy. Along with 350,000 other design obsessives, team Curve arrived in Milan on Friday afternoon and immediately hit the ‘Fuorisalone’ heading down to Tortona and the Temporary Museum for New Design. Some highlights included Studio Job & NLXL, Moooi and Lasvit lighting. We had a fantastic evening out with one of our suppliers in Porta Genova enjoying the city’s amazing atmosphere.


Despite our very late Friday night we managed to get ourselves to the Salone as it opened on Saturday morning, ready for a full on day of furniture hunting. We caught up with lots of our favourite brands as we made our way around the halls, picking up inspiration for lots of on going projects – from design classics, new innovations, upcoming trends, and way out ideas. Curve are underway with a really diverse range of different style projects this year so it’s great to have so many varied suppliers to look at. Our favourite stands included Kartell’s golden creation, Missoni Home (as always), Munna, Boca do Lobo, Visionnaire, Tom Dixon, Gallotti & Radici, BD Barcelona and Kose.

Some of the key trends we spotted this year were a continuation of soft pastels such as pink and mint, but an explosion of brighter colours especially red and orange. We saw lots of metallics in brass, copper and more smoky colours. And lots of interesting ways to use plants, such as hanging plants and living walls. There were also an awful lot of cool tea pots around, many of them bringing an Eastern influence.

Ben couldn’t wait to take a look around Salone del Bagno, to gain ideas for our ongoing bathroom projects, we are underway with designing around 30 at the moment so it was good to see what our favourite brands had on show, as well as picking up a few new contacts. We loved bath taps that attach and fill the bath right from the ceiling, a light which is also a shower, gorgeous rose gold taps and showerheads, and Catherine particularly liked a massive purple shoe bath!

By the time the fair closed at 6:30 we were all ready for a well deserved Magnum and a glass of prosecco while we waited for the queue for the train to calm down a little bit, this refreshed us enough for another night out, this time in Brera where we enjoyed a few Aperol spritzers as the sun went down.


Our Sunday morning got off to the perfect start with a leisurely visit to our friends at Paola Lenti, exhibiting again in the wonderful surroundings of the Chiostri dell’Umanitaria. We enjoyed catching up with lots of exciting new indoor and outdoor products before being treated to an amazing lunch in the sunshine.


Before our flight back to Manchester there was plenty of time to take a look around more of Salone Satellite, in the city centre this time, visiting lots of the showrooms and fashion shops. We took in Edit by Design Junction which is always excellent and met some great independent designers there.

Curve place a great importance on nuturing our youthful and talented designers! This year we took Georgie and Catherine to Milan, who both found it a fabulous experience, learned lots and came home with heads full of ideas for their project work in the studio.


Decorex 2013

decorex highlightsLast week Jessie and Georgie were down in London for Decorex catching up with the latest trends and sourcing some product for ongoing Curve projects. Some of their favourite highlights included catching up with Missoni Home, Mitas and Co, Boco Do Lobo, Bert | Frank lighting and Galerie Smith. Lots of monochrome and chevron style patterns were spotted, along with some gorgeous blues and greens. Also popular was the influence of the outdoors with some lovely nature inspired design which you can see in the photos. Into the evening the girls were entertained by parties at the Rug Company and George Smith, arriving back in the studio in Manchester on Wednesday with bags of brochures and ideas and slightly sore heads!